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Have a look around and choose a course that suits you. Our courses are colour-coded for easy access.

  • Blue modules are designed for allied health professionals who want to know more about working with people with MND. They offer an introduction to MND, focus on the multidisciplinary team and supporting equipment for people with MND.
  • Orange modules introduce topics around the NDIS and My Aged Care.
  • Green modules are for anyone, allied health professionals, people with MND, their carers and anyone who wants to provide psychosocial support for a person with MND. 


What we do

We are a not-for-profit organisation funded to a large extent by generous donations from the community. We support people living with MND and their families, friends and carers in NSW, ACT, and NT. MND NSW also provides information and education about motor neurone disease for health and residential care professionals as well as for the wider community.

Disclaimer: We are not medical researchers and although we take utmost care to provide you with correct and up-to-date information, the content of our courses is for general informational purposes only. MND NSW makes no representation or warranty express or implied, and our site contains links to third party content which we don't assume liability for.