Session Flow

Session 1:   16mins What is MND

Session 2:   10mins MNDcare Approach – a person-centred approach

Session 3:   9mins The health and community care team

Session 4:   4mins Care coordination and MND

Session 5:   24mins Needs of people living with MND – an overview

Session 6:   13mins Planning for future care needs

Session 7:   9mins End of life care

Session 8:   5mins MND Association

Session 9:   6mins Training, support and resources for workers

Session 10:   12mins Symptom management - Breathing

Session 11:   19mins Symptom management - Swallowing and nutrition

Session 12:   6mins Symptom management - Saliva and mouth care

Session 13:   8mins Symptom management - Gastrostomy

Session 14:   18mins Symptom management - Communication

Session 15:   8mins Symptom management - Movement and joints

Session 16:   8mins Symptom management - Cognition

Session 17:   2mins Symptom management - Emotional lability

Session 18:   9mins Symptom management - Bladder and bowel

Session 19:   5mins Symptom management - Fatigue and insomnia

Session 20:   6mins Wellbeing needs - Information and planning

Session 21:   15mins Wellbeing needs - Daily living and mobility

Session 22:   11mins Wellbeing needs - Accessing aids and equipment

Session 23:   10mins Wellbeing needs - Personal care and care at home

Session 24:   16mins Wellbeing needs - Psychosocial and spiritual

Session 25:   12mins Wellbeing needs - Carer wellbeing and support

Session 26:   14mins Wellbeing needs - Children and families